North Bradley Peace Memorial Hall & Recreation Ground news & information.

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A commemorative WWI concert, to include popular marches and songs from the era, and readings telling the story of the WW1, from recruiting and leave, poetry and what it was like to drive a tank.

Opportunities to sing old songs, parody hymns, national favourites and flag wave will be included.

See you there!  This event will be held outside if the weather is sufficiently fine.  Teas available in the interval or BYO alcohol.




Colonel Bogey                                                                          K J Alford

Reading: If WW1 was a bar fight

Florentiner March                                                                    J Fucik

Reading: The Soldiers Enlist

Katie Morter – Civilian, Manchester

K-K-K Katy                                                                                G O’Hara                

I wonder who’s kissing her now                                            Hough, Adams and Howard

arr G McKenzie

Reading: Camping with the boys

                Charles Carrington, Junior Officer, Royal Warwickshire regiment

Parody Songs

Reading: Tanks!

                Horace Leslie Birks Officer, Tank Corps – Attack on St Julien

Florrie Forde’s favourites                                                       R S Stoddon


Stars & Stripes Forever                                                          Sousa

Reading: Christmas Truce

Maryport Private

Over there                                                                                 G M Cohan

Reading: On Leave

Charles Carrington, Junior Officer, Royal Warwickshire regiment

Roses of Picardy                                                                      H Wood

                                                                                                   arr T Clark

Readings :  War Poems

Last Post and Minute’s Silence

Pomp & Circumstance                                                            E Elgar

Hymn: O Valiant Hearts

In Perfect Peace                                                                       K Downie

National Anthem


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