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Rural Arts event – ‘A Brief history of music’

‘A Brief History of Music’- Saturday 9th May, 7.30pm

All welcome to enjoy our latest Rural Arts Touring event, which is suitable for all ages.  A family ticket is just £18.30 and accompanying carers may have a free ticket.

Refreshments and raffle will be available in the interval.


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The latest show from acclaimed musicians Blast from the Past takes in
600 years of musical history in 90 minutes! Beginning in the Middle Ages and
ending up in the 20th century (and incorporating everything in between!) this
fun and fast-moving show is a whistle-stop tour of Western musical history.
Featuring long forgotten songs and tunes (not to mention jokes!) Blast
from the Past paint a vibrant and vivid picture of our musical DNA, mixing the
familiar and the obscure, the raucous and the reflective and the courtly and
the commonplace.
The show combines the vigour of the medieval period, the musical
intricacy of the Renaissance, the grandeur of the Baroque and the pomp and
bombast of Victoriana. Add to that the wit of Blackadder and 1066 And All That
and the stage is set for a veritable musical feast!
Complete with a bewildering array of instruments such as hurdy-gurdy,
rauschpfeife and vihuela (and that’s just the first 100 years!) ‘A Brief History of
Music‘ uses tunes, songs and humour to take you on a musical journey from
which you won’t want to return!

We are delighted to welcome back ‘A Blast from the Past’ as their ‘Medieval Christmas’ event proved so popular!  The ‘Brief History of Music’ will be suitable for everyone aged 5 to 105!  Tickets cost £7 adult, £6 concession, £4.50 child, £18.50 family (2+2).  Under the Rural Arts Touring scheme, 20% of ticket sales will be donated back to hall funds.


Events for Spring/Summer 2015


events for Spring  & Summer-page-001Don’t forget Kimber’s Men next Saturday 28th February, 2.30pm start not 7.30 as apparently advertised in the Wiltshire Times!!  

Listen out for the Radio Wiltshire interview.

A recent review –





Tickets now going fast, contact us to book yours


A Victorian Christmas

Please join us for ”A Victorian Christmas”, our Rural Arts Touring event
on Saturday  29th November, doors open at 7.00 for a 7.30pm start.
 ”A Victorian Christmas is a fun and festive celebration of the Yuletide our ancestors would have known. Acclaimed historical entertainment company
Blast From The Past invite you to join them for an evening of music, song, stories and drama from the time of Dickens and Hardy. A Victorian Christmas
is a show guaranteed to delight and enthrall audiences from young to old.”
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A Victorian Christmas is a festive exploration of the Yuletide our ancestors would have known. Acclaimed historical theatre company Blast From The Past invite you to join them for an evening of music, song, stories and drama from the time of Dickens and Hardy. All cast members perform in full Victorian dress with authentic musical instruments and props.
Featuring the musical talents of Chris Green and Jude Rees as well as Sophie Matthews the show includes all of the well-known Victorian carols such as ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’, ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ and ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’. Song-sheets are provided for the audience to join in and there are also some more obscure but no less beautiful festive songs from the English folk tradition, some of which have not been heard in over 100 years and have been painstakingly researched by the cast.
The show also contains a Christmas Mummer’s Play (one of the forerunners of pantomime) featuring a battle between St George and the villanous Turkish Knight, presided over by Father Christmas himself (dressed in green robes, as would have been the case in Victorian England!)
Finally, internationally-acclaimed storyteller Andy Jennings unfolds the mediaeval tale of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Written by an anonymous poet in the 14th century, it was lost for centuries before its rediscovery in a private library at the start of the Victorian era. Set at the court of King Arthur over Christmas, its themes of quest and romance proved a hit with Victorian audiences and in Andy’s hands it will thrill and delight modern audiences as well!

‘A Victorian Christmas’ is a fast-moving, warm-hearted show that will appeal to audiences of all ages looking to recapture the true spirit of Christmas.

Entry price – £7 adults, £6 conc, £4.50 child – 20% of ticket sales are donated back to hall funds 
Box office –  01225 765644  – or:-

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